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Dr. med. vet. Nina Rösinger

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My mission

My mobile practice comes to you and your pet. In their familiar environment - without the stress of transportation or encounters with other animals in a clinic wait room - your pet can be treated more calmly and comfortably.

I always take my time for housecalls, so that we can talk about anything that concerns you. This way, I can offer preventive and individualized medicine for our beloved pets. Whatever your or your pet's specific needs are, we will find a way to meet them together.

I'm Fear Free certified and keep up to date with the ever-changing field of veterinary medicine, with a special focus on geriatric medicine.

Individualized vaccination plans

Have you ever wondered if your cat really needs a vaccine every year? Or whether your dog needs additional protection (e.g. against kennel cough)?

I wrote my doctoral thesis in the field of individualized vaccination and I keep up with the latest scientific evidence. I would be happy to advise you individually which vaccinations make sense for your pet. After the vaccination appointment, you will receive a written vaccination plan for the next few years of your pet's life.

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