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Warum Hausbesuche?

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Tierarzt Tierärztin beim Hausbesuch, Katze abhören mit Stethoskop

Both cats and dogs can benefit from housecalls. Transportation to and from the veterinary clinic is often stressful for pets (and may cause nausea). In clinic waiting rooms, pets will encounter other animals and "smell" fear pheromones. All of this can lead to a conditioned fear response - your dog may tuck its tail and tremble, your cat could salivate or dribble urine in their carrier.


In their familiar environments, cats can often be better examined and treated, leading to better and more frequent medical care. But many dogs respond well to housecalls, too - often, they may not even notice that the friendly visitor was, in fact, a veterinarian :)

Of course, not all treatments are possible at home. I can advise you about what makes sense for your pet. I'm Fear Free certified and complete continuing education every year to keep up to date with this certification. 

Housecalls allow your pet to receive basic medical services and are meant to supplement the care offered by veterinary practices and clinics. Should my patients require diagnostics or treatments that cannot be delivered at home (such as x-ray imaging), I work together with your trusted veterinary clinic to provide the best care for your darling.

Tierarzt Tierärztin Hausbesuch Koffer Hund

Vaccines offer protection against infectious diseases. Not every pet needs every vaccine each year, though. Your pet's need for protection will vary depending on their lifestyle and the season of life they are in. Together, we will analyze your pet's individual risk factors. Based on this, I'll offer you an individualized vaccination and deworming plan for your cat or dog.  


Alongside each vaccination consult, I will of course conduct a detailed medical examination of your pet. We will discuss your husbandry and feeding questions, so that we can ensure your pet's best health for many years to come. 

If you plan to travel with your pet, I can help you get prepared. I will take care of all the paperwork and advise you on how to best protect your pet against travel-related diseases.

Tierarzt Tierärztin Pfote Hand Hausbesuch HighFive

Our pets' life expectancy is constantly growing. To ensure that your cat and dog can fully enjoy their silver years, geriatric medicine is evolving as well. Since our pets tend to hide their pain, a professional evaluation always makes sense. We'll have a look at your pet's quality of life and check for frequent age-related illnesses such as osteoarthritis or "dementia". The goal is to maximize quality of life, using lifestyle adjustments, phytomedicine and - where needed - carefully selected medical treatments.



Tierarzt Tierärztin Hausbesuch Katze Schmusen

Unfortunately, there will always come a time to say goodbye. It's never easy to make this tough decision. When is the right time for euthanasia, you may wonder? I can help you evaluate your pet's quality of life and find peace with this decision.

When the time comes, your pet can go over the rainbow bridge in his or her familiar environment, without stress or suffering. A deep anaesthesia precedes the euthanasia, so that the animal does not feel any pain. You and your pet decide how we will proceed. Maybe your pet has a favourite spot where he/she would like to be. We will take our time to ensure that you will get to say goodbye in a way that feels right to you. Maybe you would like a paw print as a keepsake? If you wish for your pet to be cremated, I'll coordinate everything for you and take care of transportation.

Weitere Behandlungen
Tierarzt Tierärztin beim Hausbesuch mit Ratte Nager

I'm here for your cat, dog, rodent or rabbit in any stage of their life. Starting from puppy vaccines and microchipping, to their first sprained paw, episode of vomiting/diarrhea, or small wound. To help with long-term treatment (e.g. subcutaneous fluids in kidney patients), regular blood check-ups, and of course also if they "only" need a nail trim or fur clipping

You will find an overview of my services in my price list. Should you have any questions regarding the services catalog, don't hesitate to contact me.

Katze und Hund vor Computer

You are on holiday, but have an important medical question regarding your pet? You're unsure if their "problem" requires a vet visit? Or you would like advice regarding your pet's quality of life and the right time to say good-bye?

All of this and other questions can be answered in a phone or video consult. 

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